Companies and students matched in Biotech City

56 engineering students speed-dated 8 companies at this year's Matchmaking event

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At least 16 student jobs and 20 internships have been matched with Absalon engineering students at this year's matchmaking event in Biotech City Kalundborg.

In Biotech City Kalundborg, we are working towards a vision of cultivating the local talent that the city's industry needs. This requires a close connection between the city's companies and educational institutions, and the matchmaking event is one of many examples of this.

Knowledge Hub Zealand organizes the Matchmaking event in collaboration with Absalon, Kalundborg Jobcenter and the Biotech City companies.

Efficient recruitment setup

It has become a tradition in Kalundborg that Biotech City's industry, together with Absalon, sets a common date in the calendar every year when small and large companies can move in on the students' home turf at Campus Kalundborg. Diploma of Engineering students in biotechnology and mechanical engineering rotate for interviews for student jobs and/or internships at several different companies, and the companies can effectively conduct interviews with several different students.

This is greatly appreciated by Kalundborg Utility, among others:

It is a really effective framework for us as a company to have a place on campus where we can meet different students for the positions and vacancies we have advertised. We participate every year as we have good experiences with students from Absalon. In recent years, we have seen how the internship has laid a good foundation for a future student job or job after graduation.

The utility had six students interview for two internships and filled both during the event. Other companies had such good interviews that some had to go home and create more student jobs for the talented candidates.

After a high pace of interview training for Absalon's engineering students, 30 students have been interviewed for student jobs and 26 students for internships.

Beforehand, the companies submitted their job postings for the students to apply for. Next, the companies invited the students they wanted to see to an interview on the matchmaking day, where several students attended several different interviews both physically and online. 

Internships at home and abroad

Among this year's internships, students could also look for international experiences abroad, where Novo Nordisk had posted two internships at their site in the US in addition to the company's already 10 internships and 12 student jobs in Kalundborg.  

Now two students, Flóra Domjan from Hungary and Julia from Spain, are looking forward to the upcoming internship and travel:

When the internship from Novo Nordisk in the US was advertised, it was a really exciting opportunity and an adventure we had to pursue. Both the professional part, where we will learn a lot, and the whole thing about traveling and experiencing cultural differences. We will be in two different departments and we don't know if we will be living together yet, but in any case, we will experience a lot together and be able to share our experiences while we are there.
Flóra Domjan and Julia Fernandez Terrasa, studying a Master of Science in Biotechnology at University College Absalon in Kalundborg

In addition to Novo Nordisk, biotech company Matís offered an internship in Iceland for a biotechnology engineering student. A position that was also filled at the event.

Students for an interview at Campus Kalundborg. There was also the opportunity for online interviews with, among others, the Icelandic biotech company Matís.

Biotech City is the place to be

Julia and Flóra are studying for a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology in English. Both tell how they now realize that choosing Kalundborg as a study city was the right choice for their interest in biotechnology:

We both see biotechnology as an important part of the future and if you are interested in biotechnology, Kalundborg is really the place to be. There are so many different opportunities, and through matchmaking we have also applied to several exciting small and large companies. It is very clear during the program that Absalon and the biotech industry have close connections. Julia and Flóra explain.
Flóra Domjan and Julia Fernandez Terrasa, studying Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology at University College Absalon in Kalundborg

Safe home turf for students

Students who may be attending their first interview can also feel that it matters that it's all happening in a familiar environment:

It's really nice and safe that we can conduct job and internship interviews in our own environment, because it will feel completely natural, even though for some people it might be their very first interview with a company for a position.
Ariadna Perez, student Diploma Engineer in Biotechnology at Absalon and future intern at Novo Nordisk Kalundborg

Now Ariadna is also hoping for a positive response from NNE, who at the event interviewed her for a student job that she would like to supplement her studies with.

Participating companies Matchmaking 2023
  • Kalundborg Utility
  • Unibio
  • Novo Nordisk
  • NNE,
  • Novozymes
  • Kvasir
  • Algiecel
  • Matís (Icelandic biotech company).

Biotech student Ariadna Perez interviewed for a student job at NNE. 

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