At Knowledge Hub Zealand, we believe that strong partnerships are key to achieving our ambition of creating a pioneering center for advanced biomanufacturing, education and startups in Northwest Zealand.

The visions are big and through strong partnerships we can create extraordinary results.

Biotech City Kalundborg

Among other things, Knowledge Hub Zealand acts as the secretariat for the Alliance partnership Biotech Citywhich is a collaboration between key stakeholders in Kalundborg across industry, education and the public sector.

Biotech City Kalundborg is a biotech powerhouse with Scandinavia's largest biotech manufacturing industry and the world's leading industrial symbiosis. The city is home to leading pharma, biotech and biosolutions companies such as Novo Nordisk, Novonesis, NNE, Unibio and Kalundborg Forsyning, as well as an undergrowth of subcontractors and a burgeoning ecosystem of SMEs and startups. In addition, there is a growing educational environment that supports the food chain for local industry.

With Knowledge Hub Zeeland's extensive network locally, regionally and (inter)nationally, it is our job to facilitate growth and development through cross-sectoral collaborations.

Danish Life Science Cluster in Kalundborg

In a collaboration between Region Zealand, the national life science cluster, Danish Life Science Cluster, and Knowledge Hub Zealand, a partnership and a Life Science Hub based in Kalundborg has been established.

The partnership focuses on digitalization, data collection and sustainability, and based on this, it will ensure that the country's biotech companies have access to knowledge, growth and collaboration opportunities in the Biotech City through Knowledge Hub Zealand's extensive local and regional network.

Nordic Biosolutions

Together with the Danish-Swedish organization Greater Copenhagen, Knowledge Hub Zealand is Lead Partner in the Nordic Biosolutions partnership, which among other things aims to:

  • Support the ongoing development of the biosolutions test and scale-up environment in and around Biotech City Kalundborg.
  • Facilitate collaboration between large companies, startups, knowledge institutions, public entities and authorities to strengthen the framework conditions for Danish and Swedish biosolutions.
  • Facilitate collaboration between large companies, startups, knowledge institutions, GTS institutes, etc. to document and market mature biotechnological solutions. 
  • Coordinate major funding efforts between knowledge institutions, startups and large companies within the biosolutions area to attract external funding to support the development of the biosolutions initiative in Greater Copenhagen.

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