BioTEK-FUTURE presented at BIG BANG

BioTEK-Future materials ready for stage presentation at the BIG BANG conference.

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Knowledge Hub Zealand supports the local, regional, and national STEM food chain in many ways. One of them by supporting primary schools’ efforts in STEM education.

At this year’s BIG BANG conference – the largest natural science conference in Denmark – we got the opportunity to get on stage to share knowledge about one of our projects within this field: BioTEK-Future.

Cross-functional collaboration drives STEM-efforts in Kalundborg

More than 1800 natural science professionals participated in BIG BANG to become inspired and share knowledge within their field to support the development of natural science in practice.

We experienced a great interest in our work with both BioTEK-Future and Kalundborg School Service (Skoletjeneste) and an admiration of the strong partnerships and great collaboration we practice every day across the industry, educational institutions, and Kalundborg municipality.

In the BioTEK-Future project schools, educational institutions, and companies work together to create educational programs within food and robotics.

The project focuses on strengthening children’s and young people’s technological and scientific curiosity to inspire more of them to choose education and careers within STEM-related areas. 

Read more about BioTEK Future and Kalundborg Skoletjeneste.

Freja Lamhauge, Project Manager at Knowledge Hub Zealand and Rikke Jørnow Obasi, Educational Consultant at Kalundborg Municipality

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