Fehmarn Belt Learning Region

Educational innovation and the establishment of sustainable Danish-German networks between educational, business and cultural actors.

Background and Purpose

With the opening of the Fehmarnbelt link in 2029, Region Zealand will be connected to Northern Germany. It is crucial that the future workforce in the Fehmarnbelt geography can master cultural, linguistic and professional relationships across the Danish-German border.

The aim of the project is therefore to promote innovation in education by improving the capacity of pupils, students, teachers and trainers and to equip the future workforce with the necessary technical knowledge and creative, language, intercultural and project management skills to build a more sustainable and cohesive region across the Danish-German border.

By increasing the relevance and quality of education and making it more attractive - as well as by creating authentic connections between the adults of the future, giving them courage, will and pragmatic intercultural skills - we will be better able to give education a competitive edge and bring their knowledge into play in a new cross-border labor market. The project therefore also helps to give the new generation of young people in the Fehmarnbelt geography better opportunities for a career and a good life in the region.

Process and results

The project partners will:

  • Develop a new approach to local planning and regional development across borders that innovates education in collaboration with cultural, business and public organizations and citizens
  • Train young people and adults with creative and communicative action skills to become ambassadors who take the initiative to create new ties between Danish and German citizens
  • Reach out to partners across the Danish-German border region and Europe to gain insights and knowledge to innovate the way we teach languages and maths
  • Use in-depth scientific insights to understand obstacles and barriers in Danish-German collaborations and make learning elements publicly available on a digital platform to help new cross-border initiatives flourish.


The project partners will also host an interdisciplinary, cross-sectoral networking event to cement a new and lasting Danish-German alliance working towards a more inclusive, cohesive, sustainable and intercultural border region.


Funded by

Interreg Germany-Denmark

Project period

Oct. 1, 2023 - Aug. 31, 2026

Project partners

-Næstved Municipality
-Region Zealand
-Zealand Business Academy
-Hansestadt Lübeck
-Technikzentrum Lübeck Fördergesellschaft
-University of Roskilde
-Universität zu Lübeck
-Europa-Universität Flensborg
-VUC Storstrøm
-Dansk Centralbibliotek for Sydslesvig
-Region Sønderjylland-Schleswig
-University of Southern Denmark, SDU
-Zealand Business Council
-Landeszentrum für E-sport und Digitalisierung Schleswig-Holstein
-Christian Albrechts Universität zu Kiel
-The National Center for Foreign Languages
-Emil Possehl Schule
-Friedrich List Schule
-Handwerskammer Lübeck
-Designskolen Kolding
-Kobberbakkeskolen afd. Rønnebæk
-Hanse-schule für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung
-IPN Leibniz Institut
-DGI Storstrøm
-Museum Lolland-Falster
-Lolland International School
-CELF Lolland Falster
-EUC Sjælland
-Wirtschaftförderung Lübeck
-Museum Sydøstdanmark
-Køge Gymnasium og HF
-Guldborgsund Municipality
-University of Aarhus
-Næstved Erhvervs
-Universität des Saarlandes
-Kreisfachberater für Kulturelle Bildung an Schulen in Ostholstein
-Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
-Zealand Business College
-Næstved Gymnasium
-Carl Jacob Burchardt Gymnasium
-Knowledge Hub Zealand


Pernille Bech, Knowledge Hub Zealand
Email: pebe@kalundborg.dk