Workshop for food producers on February 29th

Registration for the workshop is free and space is limited.

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What does the future look like for local food producers?

Consumers are - slowly - changing their eating and shopping habits to seek out locally produced food.

But what's happening on the bigger picture - and can the industry itself do anything to influence consumption?

Are you a food manufacturer ready to take the next step for your business?

Join us for a workshop in Roskilde, where Jesper Zeihlund from Local Food Mind and other exciting speakers will present upcoming trends in the food and biotech industry.

Register for the workshop: 

Registration is FREE and seats are limited


6 great reasons to join

  • Trendspotting and innovation: Hear from industry peers and gain insight into the latest trends and innovative solutions in food and biotech linkages
  • Sustainability: Learn how ESG principles can be a strength in your business
  • Experts: Hear from Danish and German experts on what's happening in the field
  • Future-proofing: Get the tools to understand and navigate the challenges and opportunities in your business
  • Collaborations: Meet others from the food industry and discuss strategies and innovative solutions with industry professionals
  • The future of the industry: Contributing to the conversation about how the future of the food and biotech industry will be shaped

Part of the project "Fehmarn Belt Innovation" (FBI)

The workshop is organized as part of the Fehmarnbelt Innovation Project FBI, which aims to strengthen innovation, technology transfer and business development in the Fehmarnbelt region by increasing the ability of small and medium-sized enterprises to take advantage of cross-border opportunities during an innovation process.

The project is supported by Interreg, EU and Region Zealand.

Read more about the FBI project

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