New research project turns waste to animal feed

The project develops a sustainable solution for protein production from waste resources that considers economic viability, environmental care, and social cohesion.

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The research project PROFIT has received 10.7 million DKK by Innovation Fund Denmark.


From waste to protein

Knowledge Hub Zealand is project manager of PROFIT, and together with our great partners from Unibio, Technical University of Denmark, Roskilde University, Copenhagen Municipality and Amager Ressourcecenter, we will develop a novel technology to convert wastes and residues from agriculture into feed protein production.

The PROFIT project will create socio-economic and environmental value as it will

  •  Contribute to the development of sustainable solutions
  • Create new types of jobs
  • Promote Danish research institutions and technology consultancy as pioneers in technology for green transition.


The solutions have the perspective to generate a business model based on the recovery of nutrients existing in food waste streams. This will be a milestone for Danish feed and waste treatment sectors' innovation.


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