Celebration of the study environment in Kalundborg

Kalundborg’s mayor Martin Damm welcomed almost 200 students.

Del dette indlæg

29th October, we co-organized a celebration of the Biotech City community’s many new and returning students together with a range of local actors.


The need for both skilled and academic talent increases in Scandinavia’s largest biotech cluster, the Biotech City, and more and more students join Kalundborg’s growing educational environment contributing to the positive development of the community.

In 2016 there were no academic educations in Kalundborg. In 2024, there will be educated approx. 300 academics annually, and approx. 1000 students will daily walk the floors of Campus Kalundborg.

To show appreciation of the students, we came together with many other local actors across sectors to get up a party kicking off the semester.
Hopefully, the initiative sparked the breeding ground for many new connections and friendships, as well as laid a foundation for many years of studying, working, and living in our community.
The party was organized by Kalundborg Municipality, University College Absalon, Helix Lab, Toyal Danish Academy, Maskinmesterskolen København, Technical University of Denmark – DTU, Novo Nordisk, and many other local actor.

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