Fehmarn Belt Innovation: Preparing for a more coherent region

The Fehmarn Belt Innovation project focuses on strengthening innovation in SMEs in Region Zealand and the eastern part of Schleswig Holstein.

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As the project title implies, Fehmarn Belt Innovation is first and foremost an innovation project. But it is also a collaboration and network project.

Innovative solutions for shared challenges

The Fehmarn Belt Innovation Project is important to strengthen innovation in SMEs in our part of the Interreg 6A geography, i.e., in Region Zealand and the eastern part of Schleswig Holstein, Germany.

In this project, we are focusing on areas important to both the Danish and the German side of Fehmarn Belt, which has resulted in working with the following three areas:

  1. Construction
  2. Food and Biotech (of which Knowledge Hub Zealand is sector responsible)
  3. Maritime/marine


Within each of our professional areas, we will bring together 30 SMEs and 170 students from both sides of the border to complete well-organized innovation activities.

The purpose is to refine and develop existing technologies and solutions to joint challenges: From improving management of underwater drones (used for offshore constructions such as offshore wind farms) to improving methods of protein capture from seaweed – proteins that can be used as ingredients for food or animal feed. 

Preparing for the fixed link

The Fehmarn Belt Innovation project is important, because we face shared, cross-border challenges concerning employment, economy, and not least the environment. 

If both students and SMEs strengthen collaboration, Region Zealand improves its opportunities of attracting and retaining employment and create joint solutions to shared challenges – for the benefit of the regions on both sides of the border.

Educational institutions, business organizations and clusters will get the opportunity to develop and test new types of collaboration while the cross-border network relations strengthen.

With Fehmarn Belt Innovation, we prepare to become a more coherent region, when we in a few years will become even closer with the fixed link between Rødby and Fehmarn.


Project Partners

Erhvervshus Sjælland

Business Lolland-Falster (BLF)

Technikzentrum-Fördergesellschaft mbH (TZL)

Kieler Wirtschaftsförderung (KIWI)

Roskilde University, RUC (Centre for Maritime and Marine Research)

Zealand Business College (Building and construction)

Technische Hochschule Lübeck

Knowledge Hub Zealand


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