From research to industrial production in Denmark

Danish biostartups feel forced out of the country to secure production

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Lack of upscaling possibilities in Denmark make biotech startups move their production outside Danish borders according to DTU Biosustain who calls for political action to secure both a Danish strangth position and the green transition.

As part of the Biosolutions Zealand Lighthouse Project, we work to secure just that.

Biosolutions Zealand aims at preventing “the Valley of Death”

In Denmark, we are world-leading when it comes biosolutions. But we face a tremendous challenge when it comes to upscaling, and the lack of facilities and possibilities drive start-ups out of the country.

So, we need to build a bridge from research and start-ups to scale-up and industrial production.
To diminish the risk of innovations ending in “Valley of Death”, we need funding, and we need access to pilot plants and demonstration facilities.

In the Biosolutions Zealand project we work to achieve just that to keep the Danish position of strength within biosolutions and continue to support and accelerate the green transition.

Through Biosolutions Zealand, investments have been made in pilot plants and other facilities with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), Danish Technological Institute, FermHub Zealand, and 21st.BIO. But we are still far from where we need to be.

Read the article in Børsen (in Danish).

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